JetBlue Now Offers Free High-Speed Wi-Fi at Every Seat


“JetBlue Becomes Only Airline with Free, High-Speed Wi-Fi at Every Seat.” That’s the headline of today’s news release from JetBlue.

Making JetBlue’s free Fly-Fi Wi-Fi available on every plane, at every seat, is a significant achievement, to be sure. It’s a real value-add to JetBlue’s product. In fact, the airline somewhat understates Fly-Fi’s benefits: Unlike many other carriers’ inflight Wi-Fi, which only becomes available when the plane flies above 10,000 feet, JetBlue’s service can be accessed from departure gate to arrival gate.

JetBlue also offers free Wi-Fi at many of its airport terminals.

Note however that Fly-Fi’s coverage area is limited to flights within the continental U.S.

Assuming comparable pricing and schedule convenience, the combination of the airline’s relatively roomy coach-class seats and its free inflight Wi-Fi make JetBlue a compelling choice. In fact, it might just be worth spending more for the elevated flight experience.

Reader Reality Check

How much more would you be willing to spend to enjoy extra legroom and free inflight Wi-Fi?

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