Your Odds of an On-Time Flight? Lower Than You Think

What are the odds that your flight will arrive on time? If you’re flying El Al, you can expect to be delayed, arriving more than 15 minutes past the published arrival time, fully 56 percent of the time. That’s significant, and important to factor into your trip planning when traveling on El Al. Or, knowing…

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American’s New Basic Economy Fares – How Low Can You Go!

As of yesterday, American was the only one of the Big Three legacy airlines that hadn’t revealed details of its basic economy fares, the cheap coach fares with few perks and plenty of restrictions that have made Spirit, Frontier, and other ultra-low-cost carriers the darlings of the most price-sensitive customers, and of Wall Street. When…

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The 10 Most Annoying Traveler Types (Are You One of Them?)

Here’s a list you don’t want to be on: Expedia’s newly released list of the most aggravating travelers. Based on feedback from more than 1,000 American adult travelers, the Airplane Etiquette study details the types of conduct air travelers find most annoying, and ranks those behaviors according to their degree of offensiveness. Related: Should Flight…

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Win This: a 7-Night Trip for 2 to Venice, Italy

Enter the Carnegie Hall “Here Today, Gondola Tomorrow” sweepstakes by February 22, 2017, for a chance to win the grand prize: a seven-night trip for two to Venice, Italy, including airfare from New York, hotel accommodations, and a private tour of the 16th-century Villa Foscari, designed by Palladio. To enter, provide the requested contact information…

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The TSA Found the Most Guns at These Airports

Do air travelers not understand that it’s prohibited to bring their firearms onboard with them? Or do they know that, but think they can sneak their guns through the security checkpoints? Whatever the underlying motivation, 28 percent more guns were discovered at U.S. airports during 2016 than during the previous year. According to just-released figures…

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Time Is Running Out to Fly the B747 Jumbo Jet

For generations of air travelers, Boeing’s B747 jet, the four-engined behemoth with its distinctive hump, epitomized elegance in long-haul flying, harkening back to an era when travel was more refined, less exasperating. That era is long gone, and the B747 is disappearing from the skies as well. Only two U.S. airlines, Delta and United, still…

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Delta Continues Seattle Expansion with 7 New Flights

Delta is all in on Seattle. Since 2012, when it began bulking up in Alaska Airline’s hometown airport and primary hub, Delta has more than tripled its Seattle flights and established Sea-Tac airport as its Pacific Northwest hub. And today, Delta announced nonstop service between Seattle and seven new destinations: Austin, Texas Eugene, Oregon Lihue,…

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Feds Call Out Airlines, Hotels for Hidden Fees

Hidden fees are costing U.S. consumers billions of dollars every year. And airlines and hotels are among the prime offenders. That’s according to the National Economic Council’s new report, “The Competition Initiative and Hidden Fees” (.pdf file here). Why should you care? Three reasons, as cited by the Council: First, there is a systematic transfer…

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JetBlue Now Offers Free High-Speed Wi-Fi at Every Seat

“JetBlue Becomes Only Airline with Free, High-Speed Wi-Fi at Every Seat.” That’s the headline of today’s news release from JetBlue. Making JetBlue’s free Fly-Fi Wi-Fi available on every plane, at every seat, is a significant achievement, to be sure. It’s a real value-add to JetBlue’s product. In fact, the airline somewhat understates Fly-Fi’s benefits: Unlike…

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Free Unlimited Texting on Alaska Air

Wi-Fi access isn’t free on Alaska Airlines flights. But at least for the next year, the airline’s passengers can use inflight Wi-Fi to send and receive unlimited texts for free. Here’s how it works: Free chat is available on flights with Gogo Wi-Fi. “Availability on other flights may vary” Chat is text-only—no videos, photos or…

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