The 10 Most Annoying Hotel Guests


Nobody wants to be “that guy.” You know, the hotel guest whose behavior is an outsize irritant to those around him (or her). Now, thanks to Expedia’s just-released Hotel Etiquette Study, we know exactly what sorts of travelers are most likely to earn “that guy” status.

According to survey respondents, the most aggravating traveler types are as follows:

  1. Inattentive Parents (72 percent)
  2. Hallway Hellraisers (69 percent)
  3. In-Room Revelers (59 percent)
  4. Complainers (53 percent)
  5. Bickerers (35 percent)
  6. The Loudly Amorous (29 percent)
  7. Poolside Partiers (28 percent)
  8. Hot Tub Canoodlers (22 percent)
  9. Business Bar Boozers (17 percent)
  10. Elevator Chatterbox (9 percent)

The survey also elicited travelers’ priorities when choosing which hotels to book. Predictably, price was the number-one consideration:

  1. Price (73 percent)
  2. Free WiFi (63 percent)
  3. Location (61 percent)
  4. Reviews (43 percent)
  5. Parking Options (38 percent)
  6. Hotel Reward Points (20 percent)
  7. Hotel Brand (18 percent)

Apparently, Avoiding Inattentive Parents was not among the options.

Reader Reality Check

What most annoys you when staying at a hotel?

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